2016 Popular Kids Haircuts Frisco And Their Histories

We as the parent always has difficulties to invite our children to cut their hair, but it won’t happen for kids haircuts Frisco. Frisco is a city in Texas which has many fun places for our kids. I will try to share two of popular kids haircuts in this affluent city. For your information, these places will help you as the parent to get appropriate ways in inviting them to cut down their long hair. Both of them have particular ways to attract our kids and unconsciously do not know that they are cut their hair after all. Let us go the first popular haircuts.


The first popular place of kids haircuts Frisco is Snip-its. It is located at 4720 Highway 121 at Ohio Walmart Plaza Plano, TX 75024. Why we put this one the first list because everyone in Frisco or Plano will easily recognize about Snip-its. Actually, this place offers many services which related to children problem in haircutting their hair. They guarantee a hundred percent that your children will be able to be cut even for the first time cutting a haircut for young children. This kids salon has existed since 1993 by its founder, Joanna Meiseles. She found another business opportunity on her salon especially for kids and children.

kid’s haircuts Frisco

There are many services of this popular kids haircuts Frisco. They offer parties to in order to make your children happier in cutting their hair. They have branded entertainment concept which is not ogled by other salon. Their special customers are our kids who never want to cut their hair. The building has full of colorful theme and cartoon characters which will be loved by our kids. Moreover, there are some interactive games such as Play Stations and one of the most favorite is the Magic Box which always surprises our children.

Sharkey’s cut for kids

kid’s haircuts Frisco

Other kids haircuts Frisco is located at 11955 Dallas Parkway Suite 800, Frisco TX 75033 and 3411 Preston Road, Suite 5 Frisco, TX 75034. Yep, they have two branches in this city to make our kids love to cut their hair. They offer different experience for kids and their parents in haircutting their hair. The Sharkey provides many services which make us feel more than just haircutting. They have warm haircut in our head and of course professional hairstylists who talkative and fun while cutting our kids hair. For your information, the interior setting of this salon is very attractive. Our kids can sit on the police car style or a Barbie Jeep and many more.

There is not only for young children but also older or teenager can visit this popular kids haircuts Frisco obviously. They prepare Playstation 3 and 4 in order to make them funnier rather than haircut in usual salon. If you hate PS, there is also X-Box 360 which displayed their favorite games in forty inches of screen while the hairstylists are cutting their hair. The sport events and music concerts are also enjoyable if you prefer to watch something when cutting your hair. The Sharkey’s cut for kids has TV satellite for our kids.

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