2016 Unique Marine Haircut Regulations

Marine haircut regulations always make men being afraid. They do not have any confidence with the regulations which force them to always be at shortest hair or almost bald. Actually, you won’t be worried if you know the short hairstyles that appropriate with the regulations and your face. For your information, this is a mandatory of Uniform regulations from the military services. The point is you have to know the regulations before cutting your hair, right? In this special location, I would like to explain some marine haircut regulations based on the MCO P1020.34F – MARINE CORPS UNIFORM REGULATIONS of United States.


This is the general rules of Marine haircut regulations before becoming at the specifics genders, male and female. First of all, the marine are forbidden to wear any eccentricity around their body including body hair and head. As long as we are talking about hair, it is understandable that I won’t talk other parts of body. So, hair color which contains eccentric colors is not allowed for them except natural color. The natural color here refers to the normal color of a human. They also are prohibited to use color that do not appropriate with their color skin such as red or green.


We are now going into specific marine haircut regulations for males. Their hair absolutely should be trimmed into tidier look. It means that the hair cannot be longer as same as artists or celebs. Then, the regulation said that the hair must be cut in the particular sides at the back and the side. For your information, the length starts from the zero length until three inches on the upper hair.

Marine haircut regulations

This style is totally short hair. But, you have a leeway to grow upper hair until three inches of maximum hair. You are still able to style it with undercut and spiky hair, right? Please do not cry, dude. Remember, you have to do a shave for your hairline because hair body is forbidden as the general regulations.

Other marine haircut regulations said that sideburn is allowed here but it should be no less than 1/8 inches. The reason why the marine should clip their hair like this is to avoid the hair which will bother the headgear


Marine haircut regulations

Besides of male marine haircut regulations, female are also under these regulations. The maximum length of female marine hair should be not growing below their collar. It means that touching the collar is not prohibited. Moreover, this hair is also able to be fallen in natural way during training periods. They cannot use pin or fastened which will interfere their movement. While use headgear, the hair must be managed as comfort as possible in order to fit the headgear with their head. So, they have not mandatory to use pin in managing it.


That is all of our marine haircut regulations today including general, male and female regulations. Overall, these regulations are necessary to avoid accident in their training by using headgear or other military utilities. I think is understandable because marine has big responsibility to maintain our land. Of course, a little thing like long hair is not suitable in battlefield.

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