3 Best Short Haircuts for Boys With Pictures

Boys are teenage guys and they really need short haircut for boys in this fashionable era. In addition, teenage guys always have a tank of creativity on their head. It improves the hairstylist’s job to modify the current short haircuts nowadays. It is our job to always be informed with the new styles or cuts for them in order to be not outdated, right? However, these best ideas have been resisted by their mood and even school regulations. It means that they are isolated only in one or two haircuts left. Do not worry because I have 4 best short cuts for all of boys in the world below.

Tapered Wavy hair

The first best short haircut for boys especially in this year is tapered cut. This cut remains upper hair in several length and the sides without any hair or undercut. However, I prefer to use this cut if you have wavy hair types. It means that say goodbye for your unnecessary wavy because it only remains top wavy hair properly. Although this cut is also suitable for straight hair and curly types, wavy hair people usually have no idea to deal with their waviness obviously. Keep your natural waves on the top but you can also show your bad boy attitude with the sides. To get the hairstyle, let the hairstylist undercut your hair and brush back the rest into the back with styling product such as gel and wax.

short haircut for boys

Wet Look

Men usually use a gel or pomade to bring casual look for their hair, but what about our next best short haircut for boys? Yeah, we can try it on the short haircut too. Do not you think that hair product is only for girls or women, but it also belongs to boys especially school boy. If you want to attend casual event such as prom night or party, why do not you try this haircut. Let you cut the sides and remain the upper hair. Then, use your hair product like gel or pomade and wipe it with your finger to your hair. This is ver sleek and casual hair for a boy like you, right?

Spiky cut

“Old but gold” is the perfect proverb to describe spiky cut for our next short haircut for boys. Every man do love spike because this is the best short haircut ever for their entire life. It is easy, cool and manly for them. What about using it for our lovely boy instead? You can modify it as much as you want such as this picture. For your information, spike haircut has particular length for the upper hair. Although you do not have to cut out the sides, it is still fine if you keep your side hairs. Razor style is suitable for spike hair cut in order to offer more cuteness.

short haircut for boys


All of those cuts are representing all of hair types especially for boys or teenage guys. It is important to choose appropriate cut with our hair types because it give some effects for our comfort short haircut. You can adopt and try one of them as your best short haircut for boys.

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