3 Latest Braiding Styles in South Africa 2016

The latest braiding styles in South Africa 2015 2016 can help you in giving some ideas to braid your beautiful and strong hairs. In fact, South African women are gifted with hairs which are suitable for braiding. It happens as they have great hard texture and sturdy hairs. That is why this article may help you to get some inspirations with these three latest South Africa braiding styles for this year. These styles can be applied easily and resulted amazingly. These latest hairstyles can be seen below.

Braiding Styles in South Africa 2015

Big box braiding style

The first of latest braiding styles in South Africa 2015 refers the big box braiding style which is very perfect for women with long black hairs. This braid can be done by making big twists (around your finger size) with your long hairs. You are capable to appear sexier by putting them below your shoulders. In addition, this braiding style can also be applied to other hair colors. In addition, it is better for you to wear a bandana or any kind of scarf in order to avoid your hairs fall to your forehead. You also can combine these hairs with a proper make up to improve your beauty. Now, you are able to be appeared more trendy, beauty and sexy.

braiding styles in south africa

Small box braiding hairstyle

The second of latest braiding styles in South Africa 2015 refers to the small box braiding hairstyles. In fact, this small box braiding style is also famous in Afro American women. This hairstyle. can be matched with any your skin tone. You are able to make this braid by making small braiding for all of your hairs. After that you can part the upper part backward and tie it with some hairband. You will appear so fabulous with this small box braiding hairstyle. You are capable to maintain it by reducing your shampoo frequently. it should be done because shampoo can wash away the lubricant and other oils which are used to make this perfect shape.

latest braiding styles in south africa

Side braiding hairstyle

The third of latest braiding styles in South Africa 2015 is different from the previous ones because this style is more formal. This side braiding style can be classified as one of braiding hairstyle variety for black haired women. This hairstyle can make you to be more marvelous, pretty and classy. You can apply this style for all face shapes. The good news is that this hairstyle can go well with various cloths such as maxi dress, mini skirt and pants.

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