3 Most Impressive Braided Bob Hairstyles for Black Women 2016

Braided bob hairstyles for black women 2015 2016 can be an inspiration for black women to be creative with their bob hairs. In fact, black women are blessed because they own strong and firm textured hairs. That is why this type of their hairs is very perfect for braided hairstyles. Braiding their hairs does not only can be done for long hair but also the short ones like bob hairstyles. As a consequence this article provides you with three most impressive braids for black women’s bob hairstyles in 2015. These three braided hairstyles can be found below.


black braided bob hairstyle

Braided bob hairstyle with volume

Let’s start with the first impressive braided bob hairstyles for black women 2015 2016. This hairstyle is very interesting as you are able to bring more volume with your hair. This braid is formed by using the technique of twist and cornrow braids. Your hairs should be rolled into a rather large size and then point the hairs which have been braided backwards. Then, you can pin it with hair clips to maintain the shape. This hairstyle can be assembled like crown for these women. By using this braiding technique, you are able to add the volume of your bob hairs. Moreover, you will turn with your beautiful braid hairs and your glowing skin.

short bob braids hairstyles

Braided bob hairstyle all over your head

The second amazing braided bob hairstyles for black women 2015 refers to the all over braids. The reason why it is call as all over braids because you need to braid all your hairs in tiny size and arrange it unevenly. This type of braid can be done by applying a twist braiding style. You need to keep in mind is to make this braid in small quantities of your hairs. Then, arrange the braids in irregular levels. This style is very contemporary and very stylish to be applied in these current years. That is why there are a lot of black women who like and apply this style because they can appear so confident with this trendy braided bob hairstyle.

African American BOB Braid hairstyles 2016

African American BOB Braid hairstyles 2016

Neat and sweet braided bob hairstyle

For the last superb braided bob hairstyles for black women 2015 refers to the neat and sweet braided bob hairstyle. This hairstyle is able to arrange your hairs with bob hairstyle to be neat and sweet at the same time. You are capable to try this hairstyle by using the normal three-strand-hair braid all over your head in slightly medium size of braids. Then tie the braids up around your head. Finish!

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