4 Facts About Jamaican Hairstyles That Many People Don’t Know

Jamaican hairstyles are different with other hairstyles from European, Asians and Indians people. The hair type of African people, including Jamaican, has unique style which fit with their cultural habit. It is rougher, harder and tougher than normal hair. That is why the Jamaicans create their own hairstyles which fit with their environment. For women, they have some difficulties to create their own styles in daily activities. They need much time to manage their hair properly. Thus, they are struggling to show their natural hair without any process nowadays. Let us see how much efforts they have done in treating their hair.

Weekly Treatment

The Jamaican hairstyles start from the braids, rope twists and plaits styles. All of them are able to last until six weeks. It is depending on how much you do the treatment. About the treatment, it can be shampooing or oiling the hair as long as it will strengthen the natural hair. The best periods of time to do the treatment is weekly.  The main point is how to make the style keep in wet condition because it will be ruined if the hair becomes dry. To avoid the fuzziness, the Jamaican people have to cover their hair with cotton every time they are going to sleep.


Jamaican hairstyles

One of the natural hairstyle amongst of legendary Jamaican hairstyles is known as Rastafarian hairstyle. It derives from the Rastafarianism which is their religion. For your information, this religion obligates the followers to keep their natural hair until the end of their lives. In other words, they won’t cut down their hair. The length can be more than their waist.Because of this rule, their hair becomes worn and long. This is going to be their natural style and hairdressers call it as locks or dreadlocks. That is why we often see a kind of worn hair of Jamaican women or men in the real life.


The unique thing about the Jamaican hairstyles is the way of the people to lock their hair. Of course, they use hair accessories like beads and some ornaments which will increase their looks and styles. Some of them also use metal clips at their head too. I think this is very unique because they are happy to survive their ethnical culture with many pleasures and even enhancing their hairstyles. Meanwhile, we change our hairstyle daily without knowing the meaning or the nature of it obviously. It is such kinds of loving your culture without efforts like Jamaican people.


Jamaican hairstyles

Because of thisuniqueness, their dreadlocks are so popular in the hairstylists and hairdresser. For your information, these hairstyles have also used by other races all over the world. It means that Jamaican hairstyles can be classified as world trends these days. This happening is also supported by professional hairstylists who always develop their chemical hair extensions. In other words, they work to present the same uniqueness into non-African hairs. Their efforts are being sweet fruit and worldwide trends now. Any women are able to try the Jamaican hairstyles without hesitations in their head.


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