African Traditional Hair Plaiting Styles for Any Occasions

When it comes to African traditional hair plaiting styles, you may think it’s only suitable for formal occasions, since there’s “traditional” in it, and traditional means less casual. Well in fact, there are many kinds of African traditional hair styles and you can modify many of them to become more suitable in any occasion, both formal and casual. When you have to pick a style, basically all of them are just a modification of cornrows, micro braids, and pixie braids. No, they’re not the same.


african hair plaiting styles


Basically, this is the most traditional and common among African American ladies. The braids should be made as close as possible to scalp and it should be tight. Cornrows have many shapes and sizes, depend on the stylist, or in this case, you. The best part of this is cornrows can be suitable for both men and women. This can last for weeks. You can make cornrows out of part of your hair. Pick one side in your head where you want to style with cornrows. After that, let the rest of the hair loose. This style is perfect for those who have tight curly hair or even straight hair. But, it may not look too good in wavy hair, because the rest of the hair tend to get frizzy.

African Traditional Hair Plaiting Styles

Pixie and Micro Braids

plaited hairstyles for african american

Generally, both of those African traditional hair plaiting styles are tiny braids. At first glance, you may not be able to distinguish them. But if you take a look at them closer, you’ll find pixie braids are way smaller than micro. From these two styles, you can combine some of other types of hairdos. For instance, you can combine micro braids with twisted style. After braiding all parts, secure them at the top of your head and create a high bun.
Combining cornrows, micro braids, and pixie braids with other types of braids? Sure, why not? Say, you make micro braids a few inches from your hairline, then part your hair into two parts; left and right, after that french braid both parts in jumbo style. The messier it is, the more beautiful and natural it will look on you. Generally, no matter how long your hair, be it short, medium, or long, you still can style it in African traditional hair plaiting styles. The good news is, you don’t have to experience bad hair days anymore since African traditional braiding can last for weeks.

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