Applicable Natural Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

We are usually tired with our current hair style and we need applicable natural updo hairstyles for short hair then. Updo will make up your current look into stylish one. In addition of short hair, there is no need for you to do excessive maintenance anymore. Short hair only requires one time treatment in the morning and you will have fresh hair all day long. We talked about natural updo here. It means that we do not need chemical or other stuff which break the natural way instead. Moreover, you can do more than long hair. Let us check them all below.

Bun Twist

natural updo hairstyles for short hair

Please take a look on our applicable natural updo hairstyles for short hair first list. This braided bun will twist you current style into the stylish one. It forces one of your puff hairs on the particular sides obviously. I have to say that this bun twist is very suitable in this retro era. Moreover, you can do all of your love dates anytime you want, day and night. This is super-natural hairstyle that I found for you, girls. So, do not wait any longer time. Grab your silk scarf to improve the sexiness in natural short hair and of course the updos.

Alternative Bun

If you do not have much time to do your favorite hairstyle, our next alternative bun updo can be your recommendation. You just need some conditioner to moisture your bun twist at the back for alternative faux bun. Use some pins and small combs to gain elegant updo at your head. We break away the formula of natural updo hairstyles for short hair after all. There is no braider obviously. That is why I called as alternative hairstyle if you are in hurry. I prefer to smooth the entire updo with gel and hair dryer if necessary.

Faux Tapered Cut

Faux Tapered Cut


One of our applicable natural updo hairstyles for short hair requires you to do some tapered cut but in faux condition. It means that the tapered is not real or only seemed real for other people. What you have to prepare are pins, styling gel and afro comb. First of all, you have to cut your back and sides of hair. After that, use your fingers with styling gel to create the tapered illusion. If you caught difficulties, afro comb is your friend instead of fingers. The main thing is the tapered cut because the rest can be applicable by the gel. Some recommendation for the gel is olive oil gel in order to reduce adhesiveness on your hand.

Braid Pomp

Last but not least, we have braid pomp as the last natural updo hairstyles for short hair today. If you are success to create this hairstyle, I am sure you are the most creative person in the world then. Start your styling with fresh-washed hair to avoid any stretching hair. Use some twists such as flat or braid on the sides. I prefer to use braid here and it is the reason why I call as braid pomp. In the end, your creativity will do the rest as I said earlier.

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