Knowing the real virgin Brazilian hair is quite difficult. We know that this modern era becomes cruel with scamming and crimes that also follow the high-technology development. It is also happened for hair extensions industry. The manufactures sometimes are going tricky for their product like manipulating the materials, cut down the length, easy-shedding color and […]

Hair Cuttery is one of the best business enterprises which are why many people are curious about how much is a haircut at Hair Cuttery for kids and adults. The prices at Hair Cuttery start at $16, 00 for adult haircuts and $12.00 for kid’s haircuts. If you want to know about how much is […]

There are a couple of hair salons and there are super duper hair salons one of them is Great Clips salon. When people visit this Great Clips salon, there is a question that always pops up in their mind: how much does a haircut cost at Great clips salon. Great Clips in one of the […]

Today, I would like to give you some knowledge about Queen Brazilian hair that very popular in the hair stylish world these days. There are many kinds of them such as waves, straights, blondes, etc. You are able to fit one of these hair extensions for your current hair. Extending hairs become one of the […]

There are a lot of Ombre real hair extensions that make us confuse to choose which one appropriate with our hair, right? Other side, this kind of hairstyle is absolutely different with traditional hairstyle which makes our hair unnatural. Moreover, there are plenty of colors instead. Ombre extension won’t be easily resisted by our demand […]

Did you know that almost the entire modern haircuts for men nowadays are derived from old school haircut? Yep, you can believe it or not because most of them are only modified version of these old school styles. You have to try one of them which appropriate with your head and styles properly. We are […]

We are usually tired with our current hair style and we need applicable natural updo hairstyles for short hair then. Updo will make up your current look into stylish one. In addition of short hair, there is no need for you to do excessive maintenance anymore. Short hair only requires one time treatment in the […]

The most stylish and cool haircuts for boys are the perfect choice if you want to be the center of attention. You can find a couple of boys wearing classic and tailored haircuts and it is no surprise at all. In last a couple of years, there are a couple of major resurgence in the […]

What is the best tape in hair extensions is something that last fort eight weeks or two months. After got the deadline, it should be re-usable too in order to treatment or re-applications. Moreover, the tape is also capable to apply three more times of extension. That is the very natural definition of best tape […]

Dreadlock hairstyles for guys are basically common in a couple of areas because they have a culture of this type of hairstyle. But nowadays, these dreadlock hairstyles for guys are widely adopted with natural hairs and also with extensions. At this post you can find a couple of trendy and popular dreadlock hairstyles for guys. […]