Back to School Hairstyles for African American Hair: Natural Look

Kids’  back to school hairstyles for African American hair \basically only have one rule: it should be natural. Remember, your kids are too young to have a heavy hairstyle, and it’s clearly not suitable and appropriate for their age and daily look. Avoid watching too many YouTube videos about hairstyling tutorial, especially for your kids. You know better than anyone how to make your kids look cute without losing their childish beauty and innocent look. Stop making your kids as your mini you. Here are some hairstyles you can use for kids’ daily look.

back to school hairstyle for african american hair

Simple yet Cute

Actually, African American hair tend to be greasy and dry; have different textures than common hair. That’s why you need to apply moisturizer regularly to your kid’s hair. Moistured hair will be easy to style. Next, try this universal style for every kid in all over the world; two ponytails at each side of head. This is not only back to school hairstyles for african american hair, but also for other types of hair. But the cutest part is of course in African American kids, because their hair are frizzy, when you make two ponytails in their left and right side of head, the ponytails will be up and have much volume. Cuteness overload!

back to school hairstyle for african american

Colorful Bands

If your kids have longer hair, you can have some fun with colorful rubber bands. Part your kid’s hair into some sections. Make sure the lines of scalp is visible, so you have to make them as straight as possible. Next, you can either braid or twist each section and secure it with colorful bands. If you prefer to have ribbon in each section, then there you go. Or, you can make two ponytails in each side of your kid’s head, and wrap some colorful bands in several inches. And braid the rest of the hair.

back to school hairstyle for black women


Never use hairspray for your kids, especially in back to school hairstyles for african american hair. Hair products like that will only damage your kids’ hair in their very young age. And when it comes to moisturizer, always opt for natural ones; like castor oil, argan oil, coconut oil, or shea butter. There are many DIY recipes for hair you can do for both of your hair and your kid’s as well. Even if your kids have micro braids, always wash their hair regularly and apply moisturizer regularly to avoid dryness.

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