Beautiful Simple Hairstyles for School: Look Cute in Simplicity

Beautiful simple hairstyles for school is not an oxymoron. Yes, you still can look beautiful in simple look. You don’t have to style your hair too much or apply too many hair products which are not really appropriate for your age. It’s OK to style your hair in an old-fashioned way as long as you know how to wear it like a princess. Anyway, here are some simple yet elegant timeless hairstyles for you.

beautiful Hairstyles for School


Ponytail is never out of date. In fact, there are many variations you can do with this style. For classic ponytail, choose its height, be it high, medium, or low. High medium will create more elegance, while medium is more fun, and low is for messy look. You can use hair straightener to create sleek ponytail, or curling iron to create more waves. Either way, in last touch, pick a thin strand of your hair and twist it around the hair tie, and secure it with bobby pins.

best simple hairstyle for school 2015

For more fun beautiful simple hairstyles for school, you can try side ponytail. This is meant for those who have long hair, or at least medium. Messy ponytail is more preferable than sleek ponytail in this style. It’s even better if you have natural wavy hair. Show off your waves in loose ponytail. Half ponytail is also a cute idea. Gather the top layer of your hair, secure it with rubber band, and let the rest of your hair loose. Pick a style whether it is sleek or wavy. To improve the cuteness, instead of rubber band, you can choose colorful ribbon to secure your hair. And colorful clips for the side front part of your head can add a touch of beauty. Headband can also be an option to combine your half ponytail.


Simple Hairstyles for School


Or what about braids? If you have natural tight curly hair, and it tends to dry easily, you can opt for some traditional African plaiting as beautiful simple hairstyles for school. Micro braids are always a nice way to avoid bad hair day. But if you have wavy or straight hair with sleek and soft texture, you can try Elsa from Frozen hairstyle; have a messy french braid from the top of your head and put it in one side of your shoulder. It doesn’t have to be too much. No need hairspray, just make it as messy as possible for casual look.

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