Braid Natural Hairstyles for Kids Tutorial with Pictures

For those of you who love braiding any hair type and length, there are a lot of creative possibilities when it comes to natural hairstyles for kids. It is important for you detangle before you start braiding when working with natural hairstyles for kids. The most important thing that you have to consider is that you have to make the positive impact for the kids.

The Dutch Braid

natural hairstyles for kids

Unlike French braid, the Dutch braid has more dimension than the French braid. This Dutch braid is the very same as a cornrow. This is a great place to start to style the natural hairstyles for kids because Dutch braid is very easy to apply than when you are dealing with the French braid.

Fishbone braid

The fishbone braid which is sometime called fish tail or herringbone braid is a pretty braid which is using only two strands of hair. This braid is very confusing because you have to spend a couple of time to apply this braid even though this braid is probably the prettiest braid that you have ever seen in the industry of hairstyle.

Heart cornrowed bun

natural hairstyles for kids

This braided bun will keep your kids’ hair up which is serving as a protective hairstyle. This is one of the perfect braid natural hairstyles for kids for active little girls. You have to remember that you can change the types of cornrows according to your preference such as X cornrows, criss crossing cornrows, and many more.

Cornrow design braid

By applying this cornrow design, you can add extra touch to your kids’ hair, whether the rest of the hair is up or down. You can play with the actual cornrows or you can also go crazy on a design or two in order to save your time.

Two strand twists

Two strand twists are one of the most common braid natural hairstyles for kids in the black community. These two strand twists can be applied in three different ways such as sister twists, two strands and three strands. If you want to apply the easiest way, you got to choose the two strands.

Box braid

You have to spend a lot of time when you are applying box braid especially for those of you who have long and thick hair, but the outcomes are very amazing. By doing diamond or half circle parts, you can spice the style up. You can apply half circles in the back and then switched to a sort of broken tile pattern in the front.

Kiddy curly frohawk

This is probably one of the braid natural hairstyles for kids that you have never heard. You can create this super cute braided Mohawk by using rubber bands, a ribbon and the hair on your kid’s head. You have to do a twist out in the back in order to define the curl of your daughter and you do not have to yse the heat. This is probably the all time favorite of braid natural hairstyles for kids.

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