Cute and Easy Hairstyles for School Step by Step to Make You Stand Out

When it is the time for you to go to school in the morning, you probably want a hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd so this is the perfect time for you to read this post on cute and easy hairstyles for school step by step. These cute and easy hairstyles for school step by step match with any outfit and are perfect for all kinds of hair. You just have to take a couple of minutes in order to fix your hair before you go to school.

Classic ponytail

On the first cute and easy hairstyles for school step by step, you can choose between a sleek ponytail and a messy ponytail. If you decide to have a sleek and neat ponytail, you have to brush your hair and you have to consider straightening it before you do it. If you decide to apply a messy ponytail, you have to leave your hair in its natural state. You can gather all of your hair at the back of your head.

first cute and easy hairstyles for school step by step

After that, you can choose medium, high or low height. In order to prevent bumps, you can comb your hair. A comb can be used or you can also use your fingers through your hair while you are gathering your hair into a ponytail. If you want to have a messy ponytail, you do not have to check for any lumps. You have to secure by using hair elastic. You have to make sure that the elastic is tightly wound so it will hold your ponytail so it does not fall out. You can keep it simple or you can add cute hair clips. The look can also be enhanced by adding headband.

Side ponytail

side  ponytail

You choose between a messy side ponytail and neat side ponytail. If you decide to have a neat one, you may want to take your time in order to straighten you hair first. To get the messy one, you just have to keep the natural texture of your hair. You have to brush your hair into one side. It is no problem at all to side your ponytail which is located on the right or the left. Your hair should be gathered into a ponytail below and behind your ear. The end of the ponytail has to drape over your shoulder. You have to secure your hair by using rubber band or hair elastic. You can use hair pins or hairspray in order to secure loose strands.

Half ponytail

First of all you have to divide your hair into two layers. You have to remember that there has to be a bottom layer and a top layer. The top layer should be gathered. After that you can pull the top layer back and away from your face when it is time for you to make a ponytail. You have to secure it by using hair tie. You have to leave your hair down. You can straighten or curl the rest of your hair or you can keep its natural state.

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