Top Easy Messy Curly Hairstyles Like Celebs

For those of you who have natural curly hair, it is the perfect time for you to have fun with your hair with these messy curly hairstyles. You are very lucky, because at this post you can find some of the prettiest looks that you have ever seen on these messy curly hairstyles. Women who have curly hair can totally rock any style that they want such as half up do and buns. A couple of hairstyles look even better on curly hair.

It is a better way to get some inspiration from celebrity hairstyles. There are a couple of hottest Hollywood celebrities who have naturally curly hair. They have gorgeous looks which are very easy to do. But before you try any of these messy curly hairstyles, you have to keep in mind that they look gorgeous on healthy curls. So you have to remember to moisturize your hair well in the shower and you have to stay away from your hair in order to prevent your curls from frizzing up.

Flirty side bun

messy curly hairstyles

This loose bun is from Keri Russel which looks so pretty and feminine on curly hair. In order to get this look you have to part your hair to the side once you get out of the shower. After that you can apply smoothing cream to your damp curls and then you have to rake it through. You have to let your curls dry naturally. Finger comb your curls to the side and then you can hold them in your hair like a makeshift ponytail once your hair is dry completely. You have to keep your hair loose and then wrap elastic around your ponytail twice and after that on the third time you do not have to pull your hair all the way through in order to create bun. You can use your fingers in order loosen up your bundle or curls and clip on a flirty accessory right behind your ear.

Wild and full

messy curly hairstyles

This bouncy corkscrew curls from Rihanna add a lot of body into a shoulder-length bob. These are a couple of steps that you can do in order to get this look. You can start by washing your hair by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in order to prep your curls. You can use smoothing cream into your curls and then you have to shake them out in parts to dry right when you finish your shower. Use a couple of curl cream to your fingers when your hair is halfway dry. Individual curls should be wrapped around your fingers in order to define their shape. By using anti-frizz hairspray you can mist all over in order to make sure you do not get any harm.

Polished curls

You can apply smoothing cream to damp and blow your hair dry by using a diffuser. By using a generous amount of styling cream or gel, you can wrap curls around your finger part by part in order to make them look more polished.

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