Funky and Trendy Men Hairstyles for Long Hair

For those of you who have long hair, these are a couple of stylish men hairstyles for long hair that can be inspiration to style your long hair. These men hairstyles for long hair are perfect for those of you who are very lazy or do not know what to do with your hair. By having these men hairstyles for long hair, you can be the center of the crowd wherever you are.

Wave and Curl

men hairstyles for long hair

For those of you who have wavy mane, you can wear this hairstyle with free flowing. Your curl will be demonstrated with the longer length at its finest but you have to make sure and have your hairstylist cut shape into your mane. You still have to maintain control as a one-length style does not compliment the best of your curls. Once it is shaped, you can wear the waves for natural look or for a variation you can create off-middle part, and then take a flat boar-bristle brush to the bang area and after that you have to blow out the front smooth. All effect of a wavy style will be relaxed by this. You can use products which will fight humidity and control the frizz. You can finish the look by using a couple of drops of a liquid shine product that is dispensed into your palms and then dispersed throughout your wavy locks.


Having beachy hair like an actor Taylor Kitsch does not mean that you have to live at the beach. You just have to grow your hair out about your chin length and mostly one-length all over. You can ask your stylist to chip into the bottom by using a light layering or texture in order to create added movement. You can create a sun-kissed look to your hair by asking your hairstylist for an Ombre highlight or have a couple of highlights which are painted randomly to your strands which are called a Balayage if you do not have access to sunny climate where the sun can kiss your hair. You can spray your hair by usingĀ  a sea salt spray in order to get added texture and you will get the look like you have hanged ten all day long.

Shiny and thick

men hairstyles for long hair

If you have a thick full head of hair, you have to show it off by growing your hair out. With layering also framing your face, you can show off your amazing mane by having long layers cut all over. You can also do a severe section by blow drying your hair into one direction off to the side which naturally flows. The remaining hair can roughly be blown dry by tossing your fingers in your hair while your hair dries under the heat. Natural movement will be created. Basically, the less your hair shines, the lighter your hiar and the more shine comes through, the darker your hair. You can use a conditioner or shampoo which specifically adds shine if you feel like you need additional shine.

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