Hair Boutique India is a wholesale of cheap virgin Indian hair extensions manufacturer and exporter which is located in Chennai, India. This company has been started their journey in 1970s. at the beginning it is a small scale cottage business in Chennai which was supplying cheap virgin Indian hair procured from Indian temples. A couple […]

Human hair Ombre extensions can be the most popular type of hair extensions especially for women who love to be different. They are able to increase the inner beauty which rarely shown by women lately. As same as other hair extensions, Ombre hair makes up our confidences easily without pretending that we have extended our […]

Having sexy hair extensions are the only dream for women who want to pump their beautiful look with long hair. This dream is actually easy to be reached by them, if they know how to wear it obviously. If you one of them, you are in the correct and good place to know about wearing […]

Indian hair extensions clip in can be your choice in choosing perfect hair extensions. This hair extension carries all of natural and beautiful look for making up our confidence. Moreover, they have long durability and long last in good condition. I believe these clip in will make you easier rather than other extensions like Ombre […]

These Seamless hair extensions suppliers will prove that seamless extensions are the best in the world. For your information, seamless hair extensions are categorized as tape in extensions. This kind of extensions offers easy and natural look overall, thanks to the development of hair extensions. You can imagine the pain of women in the past […]

The Russian hair extensions suppliers may be one of the popular suppliers besides of other ethnical hair extensions such as Malaysian, Brazilian and many more. For your information, each ethnic has its own uniqueness and characteristic which cannot be defeated by the others. For example, Russian hair has silkiness texture ever rather than other virgin […]

There are a lot of Ombre real hair extensions that make us confuse to choose which one appropriate with our hair, right? Other side, this kind of hairstyle is absolutely different with traditional hairstyle which makes our hair unnatural. Moreover, there are plenty of colors instead. Ombre extension won’t be easily resisted by our demand […]

What is the best tape in hair extensions is something that last fort eight weeks or two months. After got the deadline, it should be re-usable too in order to treatment or re-applications. Moreover, the tape is also capable to apply three more times of extension. That is the very natural definition of best tape […]

For those of you who love to go to salon, there is most popular question that is usually asks by many people: how much do human hair extensions cost.  There are a couple of things that you have to consider that go into the final budget of any hair extensions. There are two basic charges […]

Most of people love coloring virgin hair extensions especially when the weather begins to warm up. Summer and spring is generally a perfect time if you want to have an experiment with a couple of different colors and hues and you can also choose to go lighter on your hair extensions. It means that most […]