How much is a Haircut at Hair Cuttery for Adults and Kids

Hair Cuttery is one of the best business enterprises which are why many people are curious about how much is a haircut at Hair Cuttery for kids and adults. The prices at Hair Cuttery start at $16, 00 for adult haircuts and $12.00 for kid’s haircuts. If you want to know about how much is a haircut at Hair Cuttery for kids and adults, you have to read this article thoroughly.

Hair Cuttery is business enterprise which comes from a couple of ideas and imaginations. Meanwhile, Hair Cuttery comes from a dinner date between a wife and husband. Hair Cuttery was created from a romantic dinner table between two entrepreneurs.

History and developmental

how much is a haircut at Hair Cuttery

Hair Cuttery Salon Chain is the product which has been created by a power couple named Dennis and Ann Ratner. Dennis came from a family who are great enough in the beauty industry. Meanwhile, Ann is a veteran hair stylist which had her own two feet also in the business. They together teamed up and changed the hairstyling industry in 1973.

The origin of Hair Cuttery started on a mere paper napkin. Wife and husband decided to build a salon which did not follow typical beliefs and strict policy. The new and refreshing concept which they built did not need appointments and that created for all of the difference. The salon started in Springfield, Virginia in 1974 which was providing reasonable value for their services. Today, Hair Cuttery Company has 750 salons which are spread in 16 states with 12,000 associates roughly. Hair Cuttery is pointed on three focal points such as consistency, price and convenience.


how much is a haircut at Hair Cuttery

Services of Hair Cuttery can be broken up into four main categories such as waxing, treatments, color and cut and style. Style and cut services include blow dry, quick do’s and designs, blow dry straightening and haircut for adults and children that is why a lot of people want to know about how much is a haircut at Hair Cuttery for adults and kids. All styling and cutting services basically include pre-service shampooing.

Extra services can be chosen for bang, beard and neckline trimming. You can also request ironing which can easily be done. Meanwhile, the service of coloring include partial or full highlights, single application, Redken color for men and double dimension color which is completed with partial or full highlights. You can also request supplementary and corrective coloring.

As the addition, hair treatments include straightening or relaxing both for partial and full, curling for permanent wave and also designer perm wrap. You can have waxing services to your eyebrows, the forearms and back of the neck. Even though there are a couple of services, you do not have to spend a lot of money to have all that. Because of Hair Cuttery is offering a great value, you are going to find yourself coming back again and again to this salon for a couple of times in order to get the unmatched services which has been offered by Hair Cuttery.

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