How to Gain Sexy Hair Extensions Easily

Having sexy hair extensions are the only dream for women who want to pump their beautiful look with long hair. This dream is actually easy to be reached by them, if they know how to wear it obviously. If you one of them, you are in the correct and good place to know about wearing hair extensions in sexy way. Talking about sexiness, short hair is one of the simplest tricks. However, we got a challenge how to get the same sexiness with long hair via hair extensions. For your information, hair extensions are the most popular way to get long hair instantly.

Hair Weft

sexy hair extensions

First thing to do in wearing sexy hair extensions is by buying it one the market store or salon. The question is what should we buy? We prefer you to find hair weft type instead of other types. The reason is the price. Yep, it has less-expensive price than other and it is a good first experiment for your hair too. You can choose the hair weft such as real of synthetic hair and do not forget to buy some clips too. The clips are easy to find in the same store. In addition, you can buy it via online-shopping though. Keep an eye for the length especially for human hair. Of course, you do not want to buy another length because of less-length that you have, right?

Upside Down

sexy hair extensions

What do you mean by upside down? Yeah, you have to put your hair extensions in upside down way. It will increase your sexy hair extensions obviously. Some styles that you can use are updo and ponytails. The way to do it is by placing your clip in hair facing the root hair. Hence, it will give you upside down look instantly. Using section and teasing comb is important here in order to pull up your look and sexiness. Do not forget that they are your extensions. Common people usually treat them as their real hair and carelessly doing something unnecessary for the hair.


To get your own sexy hair extensions, I prefer you to DIY. It means that you can do easy hair extensions method such as clip in hair. Actually, this is the extreme trick but it is okay if you have good brave. To do this, make a section of your hair from the middle of back into all forward. Turn your head into particular sides, left or right, and cut the end in flat way by using scissors. Do not move when cutting it and you should remember it. Take your hair extensions and do the clip in method. If you think it is the right time to trim, just do it securely.

Synthetic hair

The last thing that you have to do in gaining sexy hair extensions is by buying synthetic hair. It offers you many kinds of forms from wavy into straight; even you can choose the type that inappropriate with your current hair. A tip before you clip in them with your hair is by dampening these hairs for one night. Once you have done, let them in dry condition and start your clip in easily.




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