How to Get Curly Hair for Black Men

The question how to get curly hair for black men will be easily answered by reading of this article because of some reasons. Black men have a gift from the God with their curly hair. It means that the curly hair is actually existed since they were born. With the flow of the time, the curliness will disappear slightly too. That is why black men always want to give back their curly hair in particular age of their life. Do not worry because we will give you the answer below.


how to get curly hair for black men

This is an obligation if you want to know how to get curly hair for black men. It helps you to define your curliness and enhances them easily. After you shampoo your entire head, you can wash it by using conditioner. Keep maintaining the same brand of shampoo and conditioner in order to avoid any accidental usage of different brands. Do not rub your hair with dry towel. Just blot it slowly without ruining your hair. It will create frizz effect on your curly hair. In damp condition, you can comb your hair until all of them untangle. This is the very beginning step to show your curly hair once again.


The next thing to do of how to get curly hair for black men is by using some moisturizers. The examples of them are gels or oils. There are plenty of moisturizers which able to enhance your curls naturally such as Amla oil. In addition, the use of these products will hold your curl effectively rather than just relying on shampoo or conditioner. To use them, the best time is when your hair in damp condition. Try to rub in one brand of moisturizer with your finger. Moreover, these moisturizers also give healthier hair especially for black men.

Twist and separate

how to get curly hair for black men

This is other technique which you can use to enhance your curly hair. This technique is preferable for you who has longer hair at least 2-inch of hair. To create the curls, you have to wash your hair first by using conditioning or shampoo. Then, part your hair into small parts and sections. Remember, the separation should have two parts each coil. After that, you can dry them with hair dryer. Repeat this activity until you think your hair is dry. Once you have done, separate the coil which including your twists and feel the curls around your head.

Straw Set Technique

The last technique to answer how to get curly hair for black men is straw set. This is also recommended to condition your hair in dampness. It is important because you can separate your hair into small sections. After parting your hair, coil the sections and take a wrapped-paper every the end of the section. Then, insert these paper into the straw as same as the name of this technique. You must do this into entire head of yours. In drying your hair, hooded hair dryer will give effective result. Finally, you can remove the end papers and coils and enjoy your tiny curls over your head.

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