How To Know The Real Virgin Brazilian Hair

Knowing the real virgin Brazilian hair is quite difficult. We know that this modern era becomes cruel with scamming and crimes that also follow the high-technology development. It is also happened for hair extensions industry. The manufactures sometimes are going tricky for their product like manipulating the materials, cut down the length, easy-shedding color and many more. Hence, we need to know our product is real or not. These companies claim their hair extensions are the best without hesitation. Just smart customers will do deeper information about their pre-purchasing. That is why everything becomes important when you choose a brand of real virgin Brazilian hair.

Black Dye Shedding

best real virgin Brazilian hair

The first thing to do when you want to know the real virgin Brazilian hair is by washing it through water. If there is black dye containing the black water, you must be sure that your hair extension is not the real one. The black shedding shows that it was not high-quality color tone from the beginning. It consists of artificial coloring instead.You can complain about this with the seller who sold it to you then. Meanwhile, those companies keep telling the customers with virgin hair but the fact is not all of them. Moreover, they also tag it in expensive prices.

What is it?

In order to get better explanation about the real virgin Brazilian hair, I prefer to give you the real meaning of this hair extension. Virgin Brazilian hair is taken and chosen by the companies from the single donor of the hair. For your information, the hair extension will come with cuticles in the same direction. That is why some people call it as cuticle hair in several countries. If we look back at the first point, the virgin hair refers to the natural or normal hair which has any chemical features contained. Mostly, fake virgin hair contains silicones dyes to make black natural color.

real virgin Brazilian hair

According to previous paragraph, we won’t be sure that it is the real virgin Brazilian hair or not before purchasing it firstly as customers. So, how to treat your pre-purchase then? The most specific one is located at the color designation. The simple trick you can do is by looking the color available of the same product. As long as it is the real virgin Brazilian hair won’t have the same natural black alongside the dark brown color. In other words, these two colors cannot be at the same class in once. Mostly, the real one consists of medium and lighter brown only.

The difference

As I said earlier, you can differentiate the real virgin Brazilian hair from the colors which usually found at the packages. The second thing to differentiate it is by checking the texture and level of the hair. I can guarantee the real virgin hair has no silky and straight texture. All of them derive from weaves hair. Meanwhile, the fake one will always come with straightened because of the silicone and artificial coloring. I believe you will be surer when fingering your fake virgin Brazilian hair. The silky and unnatural texture can be felt easily.


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