How to Remove Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Most of people say that micro loop hair extensions should always be removed by professional hair stylists, meanwhile, this useful guide is perfect to help for those of you who are qualified in hair extension removal and application and should not be used as a tutorial in order to remove your own micro loop hair extensions or to remove someone else’s hair extensions without proper insurance and certification.

The removal process of micro loop hair extensions is very easy, meanwhile can be very complicated depending on the level of care the client has exerted in looking after their hair extensions over a couple of months they have had them fitted.

The basics

micro loop hair extensions

The basics of removing micro loop hair extensions will apply to those who have care their hair extensions very well and the process is relatively very easy. You will have to prepare a couple of tools in order to complete the task such as hair extension conditioner, removal pliers, and a comb, a couple of clips and a hair brush.

First of all, you have to section off the top of your clients’ hair which has no extensions in order to expose all of bonds below of your clients’ hair. After that it is well recommended to section the micro loop hair extensions into 3 parts. It is better to use a clip in order to secure the sides away from the main back section of micro loop hair extensions.

It is best to start from the back, because here is the larger section. You have to take micro loop hair extensions one by one and then squeeze slowly the micro loop hair extensions in the opposite way to how these hair extensions were fitted so that the ring will open and release the hair extension. If the hair extension has been there for 3 up to 4 months, you have to use a small tug in order to release it so you have to make sure that you have to support the client’s hair by using one hand and then give the hair extension a gentle tug and the hair extension will slide free.

micro loop hair extensions

Next step is you have to deconstruct the strand slowly. Once the strand with the ring has been removed, you will find a ball placing where the extension once was. It has been formed throughout a couple of months that your client has been wearing the hair extensions from hairs which have been shed naturally, some keratin residue from the micro loop hair extensions which have started to break down and shampoo residue which may have sat against the ring. This is very normal in hair extensions which have been in for more than a couple of months.

You have to hold the strand with your hand below the ball. The strand hair will have to be deconstructed by using the tail end of your comb. By using tail end of your comb, you can slowly slide hairs out of the ball. This is more effective way to remove residue.




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