Impressive African American Hair Braiding Style for Ladies

There are many African American hair braiding styles for ladies which can many head turn to look at you on the streets. Each of them has level of difficulty, but it’s really worth it. If you have a long, thick hair, and want to style your hair more beautifully, prepare for some new styling ideas below here.

African American hair braiding styles


Casual Braids

African American hair braiding styles for ladies can also make you look like a princess. First, try this Marley style. Just make two chunky strand twists. It’s OK if you don’t have long locks, try to replicate Marley as best as you can. The messy, the better, because the twist’s puffiness creates carefree vibe. Thus, it’s perfect for daily look or in casual events. If you prefer to have classic French braid, modify it. Why don’t you try jumbo French braid style? Start from one side of your head and ends it at the other end. The larger it gets, the sweeter it will look on you. Or, do you want to have a twist instead? Why don’t you mix twist and braid in one style? Braiding your hair and twisting it is not an impossible task. It can come in different sizes and shapes, based on your creativity.

Micro Braids

The most traditional and common African American hair braiding styles for ladies are indeed all about micro braids. With this style, you can crate even more styles. if you like to try it, try goddess braids. It’s simple, just micro braids your hair, and unite each braid strand into a high bun at the top of your head. Say goodbye to bad hair day for days! If you have tight curls and you want to show it off, you still can do it with micro braids. Instead of braiding your hair until the end of the strands, stop it a few inches above your ears, and let the rest of your hair stand out in the crowd.


African hair 2015

There are still many African American hair braiding styles for ladies you can browse. But before you choose one, check your hair condition; its type, its texture, and its length of course. If you’re not an African American, it’s a bit hard to have some of their styles, because African American ladies have unique and beautiful curly hair with coarse texture. When they’re perfectly fine with micro braids, you may not have the same gift. So, check before you braid.

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