Incredible Creative Jumbo Braid Hairstyles With Pictures

Why I put creative on our jumbo braid hairstyles today is caused by how well the feeling when we are able to manage some braids in our long hair. It requires creativity from us as the long hair users. Braiding will reduce your styling activity easily rather than other style. The braid is your choice to shorten your long hair into medium haircut. These hairstyles are appropriate in this season which rain always happens suddenly. Moreover, they are also suitable for you who always want to change your hairstyle immediately. Here are some jumbo braids that you can apply by yourself without hairstylist.

The Jumbo Twist

jumbo braid hairstyles

Our first creative jumbo braid hairstyles derive from professional hairstylist. The characteristic of this style will remain you about simplicity and wedding party. Meanwhile, the braid form is unique because it is only has one side after all. It does not matter if you do not have the thickness as same as her. This braid style can be applied into several hair types. The most important point is the long hair. Of course, it cannot be used in short haircut. If you think your hair is too difficult to style like these braids, you can part down them only in the center and make it into double jumbo twists.

The Mermaid Braid

The next one of jumbo braid hairstyles is making you into mermaid obviously. Actually, this hairstyle is the basic of braiding. It is formed by two medium braids on the front of your hair. You can change the focal point, in this case the two braids, wherever you want. It depends on your demand overall. The formula is simple. First of all, do the casual braid anywhere you want on your hair. Lastly, bun the rest of hair with pin or clip and you will catch the point of this braid. For your information, the mermaid braid is

The Classic French Braid

This hairstyle is able to be your inverted braid. Yep, that is the other name of this jumbo braid after all. However, it is very time consuming because the form is only requiring small part of your hair and you have to do it on the entire head. Actually, the step is very simple. You just need to raise the braids in the opposites of the current natural line. Then, the detangled hair is the most important feature here. This is a classic style from the French’s women in the past.

The Basket Weave

jumbo braid hairstyles

The last hairstyle of our jumbo braid hairstyles today is the basket weave. As you can see there are plenty of pin updos here. I believe it is hard to understand when you are looking on it, right? However, it is easy once you have learnt about how to do it. The braid form is upside down. Many women will think that this braid is impossible. The secret is just by tip the hair forward and start your usual braiding from below. That is all. It seems difficult if you do not try it first.





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