The Right Choices of Medium Length Hairstyles for Square Faces

Medium length hairstyles for square faces are often considered to be things hard enough for square-faced women to pick. Many of them always worry to pick this hair length because they do not want it to make their face looks too angular or even harsh. Actually, the main thing they need to consider more is choosing the right hairstyles for medium length that can positively compliment the shape of their face. Besides, it is certain that there are also some best hairstyles available for them to choose and here are some of the examples.

haircuts for square faces

Razored Hairstyle with Bang and Sweep layers on Shoulders


medium length haircuts with bangs for square faces


The first type of medium length hairstyles for square faces is called as razored hairstyle, which is also completed with bang and sweep layers on the shoulders. The name of this hairstyle comes from the razored textures resulted from the styling when the haircut is made. The type of bang you should choose more for this style is medium length bang. It will be even better if you also combine the style with cascade highlights. Especially for the hair color, it would be nicer if the upper part if colored lighter. Together, all of these can create soft lines that are highly compatible with the square shape of the face. Even if generally the style if perfect for any hair type, specifically it is even better to be applied on thin or thick hair with straight texture instead of others.

Classic Curls to Soften Your Strong Lines

medium length haircuts for square faces

Another great choice of medium length hairstyles for square faces is classic curls. In simple words, this one is called as a great choice because the curls or wavy textures can effectively soften the strong lines of your face. Usually, classic curls like these are directed back so all hair will not cover your face. However, if you want to you can make the hairstyle to have some curl variations toward your face. Other thing you need to consider as well in order creatinga much better look is related to the color of the hair. Chocolate hair color might be a neutral choice of color everyone can consider. This hair tone will look way more fascinating if you also consider adding some highlights. With all those, you should not be worried anymore that the square face of your face will give too angular look anymore. So, which one of the two example is more interesting according to your personal taste?

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