What is the best tape in hair extensions is something that last fort eight weeks or two months. After got the deadline, it should be re-usable too in order to treatment or re-applications. Moreover, the tape is also capable to apply three more times of extension. That is the very natural definition of best tape […]

Dreadlock hairstyles for guys are basically common in a couple of areas because they have a culture of this type of hairstyle. But nowadays, these dreadlock hairstyles for guys are widely adopted with natural hairs and also with extensions. At this post you can find a couple of trendy and popular dreadlock hairstyles for guys. […]

For those of you who love to go to salon, there is most popular question that is usually asks by many people: how much do human hair extensions cost.  There are a couple of things that you have to consider that go into the final budget of any hair extensions. There are two basic charges […]

Knowing how much are good hair extensions because getting hair extensions is very unbelievable and your life can really be changed. There are many facts how much are good hair extensions. These are 10 facts how much are good hair extensions that you have to know. You will know how much are good hair extensions […]

There are a couple of awesome hairstyles for guys’ option which will not require you getting up a couple of extra hour early in the morning or spending a lot of money to purchase a product. Let’s take a look at these awesome hairstyles for guys and get inspired. Nice and clean Maybe one of […]

Hairstyles for men with long hair have long been a sign of a signature lifestyle. Hairstyles for men with long hair ever famous with surfers and skateboarders but nowadays these types of hairstyles have been seen in mainstream media and you can also see them on actors, models and professionals. These are a couple of […]

Cool hairstyles for boys have taken hair into another whole new level and made new trends which are taking 2016 by storm. There are a couple of cool hairstyles for boys which can be very difficult to choose. To help choose the best one, this is a list of a couple of cool hairstyles for […]

Most of people love coloring virgin hair extensions especially when the weather begins to warm up. Summer and spring is generally a perfect time if you want to have an experiment with a couple of different colors and hues and you can also choose to go lighter on your hair extensions. It means that most […]