Debra messing hair color is something people often question about. Certainly, this is related to red hair color and whether or not it is something natural. If by any chance you have not known about that, the answer is factually no. The natural hair color of Debra Messing is as a matter of fact brown. […]

When it comes to African traditional hair plaiting styles, you may think it’s only suitable for formal occasions, since there’s “traditional” in it, and traditional means less casual. Well in fact, there are many kinds of African traditional hair styles and you can modify many of them to become more suitable in any occasion, both […]

There are many African American hair braiding styles for ladies which can many head turn to look at you on the streets. Each of them has level of difficulty, but it’s really worth it. If you have a long, thick hair, and want to style your hair more beautifully, prepare for some new styling ideas […]