Popular Old School Haircut That You Can Use These Days for Males

Did you know that almost the entire modern haircuts for men nowadays are derived from old school haircut? Yep, you can believe it or not because most of them are only modified version of these old school styles. You have to try one of them which appropriate with your head and styles properly. We are living in the life which takes the past as our guidance, right? It also happened on the hairstyling world though. Old school but gold is the perfect term to represent what we are talking now. Do not be harmless to face this modern fashion era.

Slicked back hair

old school haircut

Who does not ever see this first old school haircut? I am sure casual events like prom night, wedding party and office are the most places which full of slicked back hair men, right? This is actually a classic haircut for males. My research said that the slicked back hair was popularized by 1950s Hollywood actors in the past. To get this hairstyle, you just need pomade and a comb. Mostly, pomade manufactures will give you the special comb which has two different spaces in a design. Just make a full of pomade on your hand and then wipe out your hair before you comb your hair into the back.

Side part

Some experts believe that side part is the foundation haircut for our modern styles nowadays. That is why I put this on our old school haircut list now. You may be questioned what side is the best one, right? I think there is no best side of side part that you can use because it depends on your head shape after all. However, some countries claim that right side or parting your hair into the left represents homosexual adherent. This is only people perspective and does not give any impact on your style obviously. Once again, pomade will do this classic hairstyle.

Businessman cut

2016 old school haircut

The next old school haircut is businessman cut. This haircut starts its existence in the businessman community since the middle of 21st century. There was any special intention from them except to increase the men’s standard level in wearing their formal suits. The characteristic of this cut is tapered at the back and the sides with parted top hair into particular sides. But, the taper is not too high from the original position like side part. You can get neat looking and professional with this cut.

Ivy League

This haircut is actually the same with previous old school haircut. However, it has particular length of the hair especially on the top or upper head. The length must be less than 2-inch with short taper. Hairstylist usually does a fast clip on the back and sides of your hair. The unique look is shown by the front segment of Ivy League. As you can see, it is longer rather than the crown. In other words, your hair will be tapered to the backwards. A modern Ivy League has used for a famous footballer, Gerard Pique. He combines this cut with shaggy styles. Of course, it will reduce the old school features after all.

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