Stylish Haircuts for Thick Hair: Straight Messy Bob to Make You Look Trendy

Stylish haircuts for thick hair might be the ones you are looking for at this point of time if you have a thick hair and want to change the style of your current haircuts. In this case, you can as a matter of fact go directly to the beauty parlor you usually go to in order to get a new haircut and ask the hairdresser about which choice suitable for you the most. The question then is: does he/she really knows about the choice you ask? What if he/she gives you a wrong selection instead of the right one to make you look fabulous? If you do not want to get into that kind of trouble, it is so much better for you to know first about the choices of haircuts that look best for thick hair. As an example, we are going to talk further about a choice of nice haircut for thick hair, which can be said also to be something quite popular this time. The haircut is named straight messy bob haircut.

Straight Bob messy haircuts

Straight Bob with Messy Impression Haircut

The example of stylish haircuts for thick hair to be recommended for you in this post is called as the straight messy bob haircut. This choice is perfect to consider if you are a fan of bob style. The thing that is different in this bob haircut compared to the classy one is that it has a messy impression that as a matter of fact make you look trendy instead of looking real messy. Besides, this is also the choice that is good to pick because it does not make the volume of your thick hair to look exaggerated or too much.
Stylish Haircuts for Thick Hair
stylish short haircuts for thick hair

The Way to Style the Haircut

If by any chance you really want to pick this example of stylish haircuts for thick hair, you also need to know about the best ways to style it so you can look fabulous in every occasion. The first styling tip you can follow is to create side parting that is indistinct.


This side parting can naturally create a contrast between neat and messy in the haircut. Other styling tip you should give a try as well is to pin you bang back and make it off the forehead once in a while. This will give you a new yet temporary look, especially when you really want to create something different than your ordinary look with the haircut.

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