The 2016 Best Cool Hairstyles for Boys

Cool hairstyles for boys have taken hair into another whole new level and made new trends which are taking 2016 by storm. There are a couple of cool hairstyles for boys which can be very difficult to choose. To help choose the best one, this is a list of a couple of cool hairstyles for boys that will be your inspiration to style your hair. You will get many styles from classic boy’s hairstyles which never out of date into trending and funky cuts which will put you on the cutting edge fashion. You will find your proper cool hairstyles for boys here whether you are studious or adventurous.

Classic taper

The first selection of the best cool hairstyles for boys is classic taper. This haircut features a high degree of style with low maintenance. The top of the head still has a little hair for you to style while the back and the sides of the head are shaved short. This hairstyle is a timeless haircut that will never go out of style. This haircut is perfect for boys who do not want to explore too much with their hair. The short hair at the top can be spiked forward by using mousse or gel or spiked for texture.

cool hairstyles for boys

For those of you who have short foreheads, oval faces, and strong cheek bones, this hair cut is the perfect choice for you. if you want to get this hairstyle, you have to tell your hairstylist how much hair that you will like to have on top and you have to tell him that you want it tapered. Sometime, you will be asked by your hairstylist how steep that you want for your taper. A couple of tapers are gradual and fade out over a long area but a couple of others end quickly. This hairstyle looks great with a couple of face shapes and hair types.

Long buzzcut

You have to consider wearing the long buzzcut if you are bored of the work which comes with long hair. This hairstyle is a perfect option for those of you who are crazy about sports or other high-energy activities because it will not need too much hassle. Basically, the long buzzcut is one of the cool hairstyles for boys with low maintenance. You can use a small amount of mousse or gel but this hairstyle looks great when you keep it natural. This haircuts work best with short foreheads, oval faces, and strong jaw lines.

2015 cool hairstyles for boys

If you want to get this hairstyle, you can tell your hairstylist that you want to buzz your hair by using a #4 clipper. This is the blade with the size of medium that will not trim your hair too short. If you want to stick with the buzzcut, it is better for you to go size down or size up. If you want to keep your hair short, it is better for you to visit your hairstylist once or twice a month for an easy maintenance.


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