The Best Tape in Hair Extensions And Considerations

What is the best tape in hair extensions is something that last fort eight weeks or two months. After got the deadline, it should be re-usable too in order to treatment or re-applications. Moreover, the tape is also capable to apply three more times of extension. That is the very natural definition of best tape extensions. Common people do not care about this definition because they believe one hundred percent with their hair stylist. I cannot say it is a wrong way to decide hair extensions because it depends on their demand actually. However, it will be more a thousand times better if you are full of knowledge about best tape for hair extensions before decide it.

The best tape in hair extensions has many criteria and some characteristics that should be considered by the people who want to extent their hair. I think it is very important to know most of them before you doing hair extensions because hair stylists usually do not consult with their customer at the first time. Here are some points that you can understand obviously.


the best tape in hair extensions

First of all of the best tape in hair extensions is the existence of adhesive feature on the scalp. For your information, a good tape won’t leave an adhesive feature on your scalp. It will clearly clean without any moisture on your head. Secondly, the hair extensions cannot be weaved easily. It means that there is still a possibility to make weaving but not too much. Lastly, there should be no chemicals at all. I am sure if you found hair tape like my descriptions before, the application would be easier and without any heavy tools after all.


We know that women have easy way to change their hair length easily these days because of the high development from many hair stylists all over the world. However, they do not know the criteria of the best tape in hair extensions perfectly. Consequently, they should go to the salon once more to fix their wavy hair extensions and wasting their money too. I recommend you to use Do It Yourself technique in order to get more savings rather than going to salon. What you need is only the best tape in hair extensions instead of professional hair stylists.

I have mentioned some criteria of the best tape in hair extensions earlier. If you decided to DIY techniques, please follow these instructions below.


Once you applied the best tape in the hair extensions, please do not place a cleaning treatment on your mind. It means that you must not clean or wash your hair at least three days after the application. It is important because the glue needs 3 days to be united perfectly.

In washing your hair, please do not use hot water for a week. Cold water is better for gluing process. If you use shower for your daily bath, keep in mind to avoid standing under the shower. Anyhow, it will pressure the tape obviously.

Of course, swimming will make the best tape in hair extensions becomes weaker. Do not be too harsh for your activity especially which has correlation with your hair.


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