The Story of Jennifer Griffin Haircut With Pictures

It will be precious when we talk about Jennifer Griffin haircut who is the most inspirational woman in the world. Her story life is very amazing and the way she struggles against her cancer. Of course, this sickness influences her haircut after all. She had good medium hair once. But, she always tries to be perfect in front of everyone even these days. With her short hair now, she will be loved by her fans, friends and families obviously. To keep her in our heart, I prepared some haircuts of Jennifer Griffin exclusively for your all women in the world.

Medium Cut and Blonde

This is the initial Jennifer Griffin haircut in her former career as American journalist. In this moment, she was always active as journalists for Fox News. Her side part hair styles and blonde color are very good with her face-shape. This hairstyle was the trend at the moment. We did not see any sickness symptoms in this photo, right? It means that her breast cancer does not seem yet in her early career. For your information, her hairstyle became the representation of many news anchors at that time. Hence, it has inspired other women journalists to have the same haircut with Jennifer Griffin haircut.

Jennifer Griffin haircut

This Jennifer Griffin haircut was the hot haircut in 1990s. Blonde was on fire to adorn the TV stations at the moment. By this haircut, Jennifer Griffin was in the South Africa to become a newspaper reporter. Her case was not an easy one. If you know about one of the most influential people in the Africa, Nelson Mandela, he was the main topic of her. Moreover, she also worked up with apartheid in South Africa. After that, she went to the Middle Eastern to work with some hot news and going back to the Fox News again in 1999. That is a short story of her career with this beautiful haircut of Jennifer Griffin.

Short Spiky

The next Jennifer Griffin haircut is very short and spiky hair. It is also able to categorize as pixie cut after all. Why she was cut her beautiful hair? The answer could be known if you are one of her fans. Breast cancer with a grapefruit size was ruined her beautiful life and career. It forced her to lose her long hair into baldness. The family record of her has the same story with what happened to Jennifer Griffin. That was why she is potentially having the same cancer too. But, it was too late when she diagnosed her cancer; it was at stage III triple negative breast cancer.

Jennifer Griffin haircut

However, this Jennifer Griffin haircut keeps her smile and struggle against her cancer. After a year fighting with the disease, she did it. She was success to remove her cancer by doing many chemo therapies. In an interview, she shared how to keep struggle and spirit against her disease. The answer is always being beautiful because chemo will make you ugly as she said. That is the reason why she keeps her beauty especially her haircuts. Form long hair into short hair, she shows to us how inspirational her life.



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