Things To Know About Indian Hair Texture

Indian hair texture is one of the comparable features if you are looking hair extensions. There are many hair extensions which available from some countries all over the world. In Europe, Russian hair extensions are the most popular. In America, they have Brazilian hair extensions. What about Asia? Yeah, it has Indian hair extensions as I stated in the very beginning of this paragraph. For your information, this hair extension is one of the proud of Asia women. It is truly unique and has its own characteristics. India is located near Pakistan and Chine in Southern Asia. Let us see how precious this hair extensions texture deeply.


Indian hair texture

Indian hair texture is very natural and virgin because it derives from Hindu religion in the country. The specific place which always offers hair extensions is the Tirupatu temples. The women who believe in this religion will donate their hair sincerely. They give it to the temples as the offerings for the believe one. This hair donation is very unique if we compare with other ethnical countries that have popular hair extensions. While the factories try to find good chemical combination between paid hair and synthetic for better hair, Indian people gives their hair without payment. I cannot explain anymore how virgin this Indian hair texture.


Indian hair texture

Talking about Indian hair texture, there are two kinds of hair extensions. The first of all is called as Indian Hair Remy. This kind of hair is processed with chemical features just like synthetic hair. But, it is only to modify the texture of the real hair. In other words, it just has lightly modified or not the entire process. Moreover, it is also contained with chemical features in order to stretching its life span. I believe you can still feel the virgin or original texture with Remy version. If you do not want to remove or change your hair extension for long time, I prefer to use this type obviously.

Secondly, it is the Indian virgin hair or what we have talked about on the origin section. This hair has no processed especially for chemical features. It originates from the natural hair of Indian women who donate it to the temples. The texture is dry and darker than the synthetic one. The forms are quite wavy and thicken than others.  If you want to show your inner beauty, Indian hair can be your solution after all. Please pay attention in the color of Indian hair when you bought it. The lighter color is not belonged for the original Indian hair.


Now, you have known how the Indian hair texture and its original story behind it are. It is wavy and dark color, right? You have to know that this wavy hair is easier to be straightening with usual conditioner or hair clamp. The darker color can be your reference in choosing the original Indian hair in the store. It is important because between the synthetic hair and the virgin hair have long price’s gap. It means that the virgin Indian hair has quite expensive prices than the other.


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