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Hair Boutique India is a wholesale of cheap virgin Indian hair extensions manufacturer and exporter which is located in Chennai, India. This company has been started their journey in 1970s. at the beginning it is a small scale cottage business in Chennai which was supplying cheap virgin Indian hair procured from Indian temples. A couple of years later, the family is involved with cheap virgin Indian hair procurement, hair extension manufacturing and sales for a couple of last decades. This is the third generation company of the family who is involved in the hair business.

This company decided to create their own brand and export the high quality cheap virgin Indian hair extensions to the international customers directly from India, with all skill and expertise in hair business. The company is made with one slogan in their mind which is “Deliver the best and cheap virgin Indian hair extensions”. This company will continue to be the leading wholesale cheap virgin Indian hair extensions exporters, suppliers, vendors from Chennai, India with the advancement in technology, backing of hair industry expertise and contemporary leadership.

Remy and cuticles intact

cheap virgin Indian hair

The procurement team of Hair Boutique is responsible for delivering the hair from temples to their warehouse at Chennai, India. After that hair has been shaved off, the team will gather and tie off the hair from one’s head as a bundle. The bundle will be discarded if a bundle is found distorted. The hair which has been shaved off from single head will make sure that the tails and the heads are aligned in one direction as well as giving a Remy and cuticle intact hair.

Natural, virgin and tangle free

The company has the skilled quality analysts which are completed with four decades of experience that perform meticulous check on one’s hair at warehouse. If they found that hair bundles have dyeing or coloring substance, they will identify and discard all of them. The remaining virgin hair bundles are collected and separated based on their pattern such as straight, wavy or curly. They do not process the hair for their pattern and the hair patterns are absolutely natural.

Minimal shedding

cheap virgin Indian hair

The bulk hairs are trimmed and tied with carefully. The company has bulk hair team which featured two decades of experience and each pack has to pass through stringent checks before the pack is ready to be shipped.

Nit free and unprocessed hair

There are two steps which have to be flowed in order to remove the nits. The team from the company chooses the nits by using combs which have been specially designed and by using finger nails. After that the hair should be washed by using Shikakai that has been used traditionally for hair care in India since a couple of years ago. Shikakai features with ayurvedic medicinal plants and this thing has no chemicals. This process will make sure the customer that the hair which has been processed is nit free and the most important thing is it is not chemically processed.


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