Top Natural Ombre Real Hair Extensions

There are a lot of Ombre real hair extensions that make us confuse to choose which one appropriate with our hair, right? Other side, this kind of hairstyle is absolutely different with traditional hairstyle which makes our hair unnatural. Moreover, there are plenty of colors instead. Ombre extension won’t be easily resisted by our demand in styling different hairstyle. In other words, you will have many options in your life by using Ombre hair extensions. For example, you are able to make braid, faux, updo bun, ponies and other styles with these extensions obviously. Let me help you to choose one of them by showing some popular Ombre real hair extensions below.

Brown Blonde Extensions

Having semi blonde on your hair can be the way to increase your sexiness easily. You just need though extensions to make it real. Ombre real hair extensions have the type that we are talking about. This blonde extensions act as your highlight. I prefer to use it in the edge of my hair properly. As you can see on the picture, the blonde highlights are accentuating the upper hair obviously. Hence, you does not need any hair color anymore which unhealthy for our growing hair. Just mix and match these extensions with any outfit you want.

Ombre real hair extensions

Straight Two Tone

The next product from Ombre real hair extensions offer straight two tone extensions. Actually, this is one of the Indian Remy clip style which offer very natural look for black hair women. I do not think so for other natural hair but it is always being perfect-mate for black hair women. Moreover, you can fresher your look into younger color of hair. There is a darkest brown at the upper segment and golden brown in the edge. If we combine with natural black hair, it will accentuate very cool-blending color obviously. Why they put Indian term on this product because these real hair derive from Indian female hair. So, there is no doubtful statement anymore for gaining natural hair extensions.

Ombre real hair extensions

Wavy Three Tones

If you bored with straight and monotone hair, these next Ombre real hair extensions can be yours. Moreover, this summer forces women to use light hair colors for some reasons. One of them is to give fresh and comfortable hair ever. So, this wavy hair extension has three tones color starting from dark brown until lightest golden color. The length of this extension is 18-inch per hair. I think it is enough to increase your short hair into feminine one. It can be a better choice to give younger look for your love one, right? It does not matter what is your base hair color then.

Balayage Hairstyle

What is the better style besides of Balayage technique in giving natural hair extensions? Luckily, Ombre real hair extensions have one of them now. Balayage is the hair-coloring technique which produces graduated and natural look for the hair. This hairstyle will give you natural look with very long length obviously. The picture shows us how long the extension is. Many women have failed to change their hair into Balayage style though.


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