Top Recommended Sassy Short Hair Styles

Sassy short hair styles come with many modification and variants this year. It means that it is the time for your cut your hair and becomes sassy girls to show your cuteness in a different look and style. The benefits of short hair can be easily found with these hairstyles properly. Although sassy is one of the oldest hairstyles, it won’t be faded out with modern hairstyle. This year is the proof. Most of women want to cut their hair into sassy pixie style in order to be careless with their hairstyle. Hence, you can get different look and also easy maintenance of your hair.

Pixie Crop

Pixie Crop

Did you ever know how many sacrifice of Ann Hathaway to cut her long hair into one of Sassy short hair styles called pixie crop? You must do what she did now. This example proof that even Hollywood celebrities cut their hair sincerity to get fresher and different looks rather than usual. Moreover, she colored her sassy cut with blonde one bravely. It means that we have to do something unusual bravely or without compromising anymore about the results. If you think this sassy hairstyle does not fit with your style, please choose another style below.

Faux Bob

Who has better faux bob celebrities rather than Emma Watson? This Hermione released all of her long boring hair and came with faux bob in one occasion. Her natural dark brown color hair supports this short hairstyle because of her oval face. I prefer to use short hair if you have oval face-shape. It will be more elegant for your appearance though. Do not be hesitated with the short hair treatment because you just only do daily hair-wash to keep the hair all day and night long. Some highlights should be better to accentuate the sassy short hair styles.

Angular Bob

Angular Bob

If you think Sassy short hair styles belong to the pixie and other shorten cut, you are incorrect. Angular bob is one of the sassy hairs too. You can take a look of popular singer, Katy Perry with this hairstyle. She can mix and match her hair color elegantly with her customs and stages with remaining angular bob style. She restricted the length into her chin perfectly.  Anything but sassy is the correct term to show how her hairstyle at the moment. For your information, angular bob has same lengths between right and left sides of hair.

Pixie and Shaggy Bangs

If you have quite large forehead, pixie and shaggy bangs are one of our Sassy short hairstyles too. These bangs are standing for only a side of your head. It depends on your desire after all. The pixie length should be in long level to get longer bangs too. Without any special treatment, you can directly go to your office in the morning from your bed. This professional look is still categorized as sassy short hair styles because it has short haircut overall. This is suitable for round or circular face and making focal point around your eyes and nose instead the forehead.




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