Top Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers

The Russian hair extensions suppliers may be one of the popular suppliers besides of other ethnical hair extensions such as Malaysian, Brazilian and many more. For your information, each ethnic has its own uniqueness and characteristic which cannot be defeated by the others. For example, Russian hair has silkiness texture ever rather than other virgin hair. Yep, many world class hairstylists do agree that the Russian hair is the silkiest one. There are many factors which influence this top rank hair and these suppliers know what they do in selling the hair. Let us check out the famous Russian hair extensions suppliers in the world.

famous Russian hair extensions suppliers

Russian Hair

As same as its name this one of Russian hair extensions suppliers claims that they are the number one supplier for Russian hair extensions. They offer luxurious hair for women with a hundred percent original. As I said earlier, they are popular because of the silkiness of the hair texture. It is rare in this modern era to find the silkiness hair extensions. Let us take an example from Brazilian hair which never gains this benefit. However, the pure competitive market of Russian hair’s silkiness becomes unreliable when some people said the silky hair extensions represent its fakeness. I do not know whether it is just rumor or marketing strategy but silkiness is belonging of Russian hair since long time ago.

2015 famous Russian hair extensions suppliers

Talking about the silkiness from Russian hair extensions suppliers, they have special treatment to grow the natural and virgin hair including the silkiness. For your information, all of the hair extensions from Russia are derived from cold Siberian regions in this special country. The suppliers give a diet treatment in growing the hair for better quality. They look for a small community in rural area and facilitate the pedestrian with healthy diet programs. Of course, low sugar is one of the diet programs.

Honey Combe

The next one of top Russian hair extensions suppliers is Honey Combe. Unlike other suppliers, they convince their customers by showing the benefits of Russian hair in their website. It is necessary for common people why they have to choose this hair extension. One of the reasons has explained before. The second reason is about the versatility of styling. Yep, Russian hair is quite versatile to be styled whether by the users or hairstylists. The most factors which influence this versatility is because the virgin hair has not contained any chemical features and treatments. In other words, you can just directly style them with any product that you want.

These Russian hair extensions suppliers are also guaranteed the life span of their product. If normal hair only lasts for a year, the Russian hair will extend its life span into two years. It is caused by the diet programs of the donor previously. We know that food will give big impact for human growth including their hair. Animal fats and salt will resist the healthier hair obviously. Hence, diet programs are important to get better product. Moreover, Siberian regions are always covered by cold condition. It means that diet will help the rural people to survive in this area.

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