Trendy Short Curly Hairstyles for Men 

Short curly hairstyles for men is the evidence that not only girls and women who have rocking curls nowadays. In other words, men are also starting to get some experiments for their curly hair. Perhaps, long curly hair is too difficult for them in this super-instant era. We know that people have no time anymore to maintain their long hair due their activities now. It means that short hairstyles are the best solution to get easy maintenance for our head. What about curly hair type? Do not be worried because short hair does not care with your hair types. Moreover, I recommend you to use short hair when you have curly hair. It is necessary to keep your hair texture instead of long curly hair. Following the proverb, “new hair, new life”, here are some trendy short curly hairstyles for men exclusively.

Managed Curls

The first one of trendy short curly hairstyles for men is managed curls. It means that your curly will be really managed. I know curly hair is identically tangled and hard-to-manage. You will have these problems anymore once using this short hairstyle. The texture of your curls are focused at the top, meanwhile the rest looked faded or shorten on the sides. It will definitely give you more volumes at your head. To get this hair style, ensure you have already the short cut that I have described before. Then, use your gel or wax through your head by using towel. I prefer dry towel here. After all, smooth the shorten area and take a comb to make a shape on the top. I believe all of face-shape is suitable with these short curly hairstyles for men.

Natural Waves

short curly hairstyles for men

If you are sick to manage your curly hair, just make it natural with its form. This is perfect if you want a casual and professional look. Moreover, you can save your money from shaving or cutting your hair because it will be naturally growing. The characteristic of this type of short curly hairstyles for men is located at the wave’s volume. The more wave, the more charms you get. When you want to style this haircut, keep in mind that you squeeze your hair with a dried towel. It is important because common mistake appears like frizz or something like that if you did not use towel.

Groomed Texture

short curly hairstyles for men

If previous short curly hairstyles for men rely on the more volumes of your hair, this one does not. Groomed texture has less volume but it offers larger curls of your hair. We can see the result is very charming, thanks to the sleeker and polished styles of wax and pomade. How to use them to style your curly hair like this hairstyle? It is very easy. Take an amount of curly gel or wax through your hand. However, you have to damp your hair before you rub the cream. After that, shake your hand on your hair without rush or harsh movement. You can use your finger in creating the curls. Let your hair become dry and feel the casual look of yours.

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