Trendy Short Shaggy Haircuts for Fine Hair

Short shaggy haircuts for fine hair can be your decision to get different and fresher look than before. Moreover, short shaggy becomes popular since short hair rule our hair since several years ago. Simplicity is the main reason why people whether men and women love short haircuts these days. Besides of simplicity, the trendiness is the next reason. For your information, our busy activities make us lazy to give more attention for our hair and I also do the same. Shags are identically with tousled and lazy look. Some experts called these cuts as ‘bed-head’ because their characteristics. Pick one of them if you think it will remove your fine hair.


With this style, you will offer a versatile haircut. In other words, the layering gives you more voluminous hair. In addition, the razor style also gives your hair texture confidently. That is why I called this as versatile style. You get two benefits with only one of short shaggy haircuts for fine hair. Hence, you are able to show your wildness to the public with shaggy after all. Say goodbye with your burdened life by long hair and fine hair. Keep in mind that shaggy bobs won’t be offered those two advantages if you combined them with softer styles. In other words, shortest length of hair is avoided.

Rock Chic

short shaggy haircuts for fine hair,

Another trendy style of short shaggy haircuts for fine hair comes from rocker style. A lot of layers help you defeat your finest hair properly. All of them and the edginess of rock chic hairstyle will give you many textured that enough to cover all of your fine hair. Thick fringe is the matter that we have talked about here. Moreover, those layers increase the appearance of circular face after all. To accentuate your layers, giving highlights can be good and the color must be contrasted with your current hair color. Lowlights are also preferable though. You do not have to straighten your natural wavy hair because it will give you many variations instead of straight hair.

Rounded Bob

short shaggy haircuts for fine hair,

The next style of short shaggy haircuts for fine hair is rounded bob. As I said earlier, you have to maintain the shortness of your shaggy haircut because of fine hair. Rounded bob requires short hair though but you just do it for your particular side of hair in order to create circular look of your head. For your information, shaggy is not always spiky and sassy. You can limit your hair into your chin to give chin-length shag. The key point is your particular side of hair whether on your right of left. Having bangs are considerable if you think you need to cover up your forehead.


After giving you three trendy short shaggy haircuts for fine hair, I believe you have many inspirations to cut your hair, right?  It started from versatile look until rounded bob of shags and will remove away your fine hair into pretty looks and beautiful hair. Fine hair always shows its existences on long hair obviously. Short haircuts like shaggy style easily manipulate them into voluminous and textured hair.

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