Types of Hair Extensions Methods

Although we are just common people who care about our hair, we have to know some types of hair extensions methods. It is necessary for our knowledge instead of agreeing all of our stylists order when extending our hair. I have to say that it won’t move equivalently with our budget, right? Sometimes, their offerings are very expensive and we cannot say any words because we believe them. Moreover, they are also human as same as with us. Their suggestions are not appropriate with our hair after all, no offense to all hairstylists all over the world. To avoid this thing happen, you have to read this article in order to stop using only one type of hair extensions. Let us know what is our hair really needed properly.

types of hair extensions methods,

Here I want to show you some types of hair extensions methods or brands that we usually use as hair stylists. I cannot provide all of the brands inside this article, but those extensions method are very popular especially in hair stylists. I cannot judge which one is the best or the bad because it depends on your hair not mine.


The first type of types of hair extensions methods is Sew-in. This method or brand has beneficial in maintaining and its price. The method requires the client to braid their hair tightly in order to give better base for the extensions. However, the Sew-in method is not always suitable for any types of hair especially in braiding phase. Curly hair is not the appropriate one for this extension method. Moreover, thin hair also cannot handle the stress of the braid. After you applied this method, you have to retighten your hair in the first four month. Other benefits for Sew-in are easy-to-maintenance, variants colors and good quality.


types of hair extensions methods,

The next one of types of hair extensions methods is Clip-ins. As same as its name, this extension requires to be clipped on your current hair. There are plenty of sizes that you can try and fit for your hair properly. The benefit of Clip-ins method is its instant extensions. In other words, you have no wasted time when choosing this as your hair extension. It only needs short time rather than other methods. Moreover, this type of extension also offers synthetic hair if you are afraid with the real one. However, this unnatural hair is difficult enough for the first time user. The key point is that it almost works for any types of hair. As we know our previous method cannot do the same with Clip-ins method. The reason is because Clip-ins won’t give stress for your hair at all.

Top Pieces

Last but not least of our types of hair extensions methods, Top Pieces offer hair extensions which suitable for thin hair types because it provides voluminous and thickness easily. It also camouflages the thin hair into thick one. The only disadvantage of this method is only the maintenance. You should retighten it for much time rather than others.

That is all of our types of hair extensions methods today. All you have to consider at the first time is only your hair type. Is it thin, curl, wavy or straight? That depends on your hair.

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