Types of Short Haircuts for Men

If you think types of short haircuts for men are not cool at all, you must be not a man obviously. Besides of women, short hair also brings another sexy look and fresh appearance for men. In addition, short haircuts offer easy maintenance and very fun in styling. Let us say goodbye to old school era that belongs to the long and curly hair because this style has already existed since 1980s ago and now we are in the era where short haircuts become the trend all over men and women. You can get clean and tidier head instead of long hair though. For your information, short haircuts are typically modern lifestyle. People do not care anymore with long hair which representing prestigious or other myth in the past.

Low maintenance becomes the main reason why you have to choose one of these types of short haircuts for men. You just need to wash it in the morning and your hair will be cool for all day long. Perhaps, men have no time any more to maintenance long hair nowadays is one of the main reasons why become the modern trend.

Following the next level of men fashion, the types of short haircuts for men will make their appearance into classic and modern just in a minute. In other words, short cuts offer less-effort process in applying the new trend. Due this modern style, I have prepared some haircuts especially for men who love short hair. Hence, you can do some experiment with these base short haircuts in order to get the perfect fit for your head.

Buzz Cut

types of short haircuts for men.

If you have a father who worked in military, I believe he will know this one of types of short haircuts for men because Buzz cut becomes the military cut. You can also see this haircut for the new recruit of an army. The Buzz term refers to the real meaning of buzzed hair. Moreover, buzz cut can be divided into some styles. Let us check all of them below.


The first one of types of short haircuts for men is induction cut. As you can infer from its name, induction cut belongs to the new recruit of military. This haircut is classified as the shortest hair because you just clip your hair and becomes nearly bald. However, it is not fully bald after all. This short hair is suitable for you who want to show your younger face.


types of short haircuts for men.

This is the longest induction cut of types of short haircuts for men. If we talk about the level of shortness, it is the fourth level.


Who does not know with brush cut? I believe most of you are easy to imagine how the look of this haircut. The barber will cut down your entire side hair and remains the top hair like a brush. It is one of legendary shortcut that starting to become the king in the men’s head one again these days.


Last but not least in these types of short haircuts for men is crew cut. This cut is using taper as the perimeter. Your back top will be slightly longer than other side after all.

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